Anti-aging100% Natural NIACINAMIDE Vitamin B3 Cream Serum 5% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Boosts collagen, Tighten pores, Deep moisturizing, Reduce wrinkles, helps Repair sun damage for radiant & younger skin

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Safe, Reliable & Effective – Give Your Skin The Care It Deserves With The Posh Company’s 100% Natural Niacinamide B3 Face SerumWhether you’re 18 or 30, it’s never too late or too early to start taking care of your skin. No matter what kind of condition your skin is in, it’s never too late to

Safe, Reliable & Effective – Give Your Skin The Care It Deserves With The Posh Company’s 100% Natural Niacinamide B3 Face Serum
Whether you’re 18 or 30, it’s never too late or too early to start taking care of your skin. No matter what kind of condition your skin is in, it’s never too late to start to help it regain its elasticity and luster.
The Posh Company has made a 100% Natural Niacinamide B3 Face Serum that is specifically formulated to help women of all ages get plump, firm and healthy skin that LOOKS and FEELS Young!
Organic Vitamin B3 Womens Face Cream is an all in one solution for dark spots, acne and aging skin while being completely safe to use making it ideal for women of all ages and skin types

The All-In-One Solution For Healthy, Smooth & Vibrant Skin
Niacinamide has been shown to prevent skin from losing water content which is extremely important to retain a healthy complexion and promotes improved skin hydration, suppleness, and softness to help you achieve healthy and vibrant skin!
Applying the serum on a regular basis also helps you reduce pores and increases skin elasticity, which helps even skin tone and reduces wrinkles along with other signs of aging.

Why You’ll Love Our Vitamin B3 Face Serum?
1. Absorbs in the skin Fast to show results faster and penetrates deep to maximize results
2. Perfect for all skin types including Normal, Dry, Oily and Sensitive Skin
3. It’s made with Natural and Organic Ingredients that do wonders for your skin
4. Reduce breakouts, blemishes, red spots while regulating oil flow and increasing moisture retention
5. Boosts skin immunity and helps the skin heal itself naturally!

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Our B3 serum uses an airless pump bottle, it does not have a dip tube. Leave bottle upside down for 5 minutes then pump.

Product Features

  • REGAIN SMOOTH & YOUNG SKIN: Our anti-aging face serum is made to provide our customers with a safe, reliable and highly effective way to counter aging skin and regain the youthful glow they’ve lost to time. Our 100% Natural NIACINAMIDE Face Serum contains 5% Vitamin B3 and is packed with organic ingredients that are naturally sourced to nourish and revitalize your skin to help balance the tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and give you a youthful glow!
  • ADVANCED ANTI AGING FORMULA: The Posh Company has picked the finest ingredients to create a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that will stop aging in its tracks and help you regain your skins youthful glow. It penetrates deep into the skin to even out skin tone and reduces wrinkles while helping the skin repair itself so that you can have the super soft and smooth skin you always wanted!
  • NO MORE SAGGING SKIN: This hyperpigmentation treatment serum for face is made using natural ingredients to help you repair damaged skin and reduce the effects on the environment to help you regain your skins firmness and glow. By applying this face serum every day, you can increase the production of collagen which directly effects the elasticity of the skin which helps it repair and rejuvenate itself to give you firm and plump skin.
  • REDUCE & PREVENT ACNE: Acne is the enemy of every woman, teen and even men that want to look their best which is why we made our Niacinamide Face Serum to not only reduce acne but also prevent its effects from the very start. Besides being extremely useful for stopping acne, it also moisturizes your skin to make it softer as well as evening-out skin tone and reducing dark spots for skin that is visibly glowing and smooth.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: The Posh Company made this Vitamin B3 fresh face serum to provide our customers with a safe and reliable way to reduce Puffiness, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Acne quickly and effectively. Our anti-aging natural skin care cream serum is completely free of GMO, fragrances, parabens, and fillers to provide you with skin care that’s truly effective and safe to use. Order today with confidence knowing you’re getting the best the market has to offer!


Private says:

Happy with the results! My skin has been going thru so many changes with menopause and had become really dry with lines showing more. Since I had started using this serum, I have seen definite positive results, my pores are smaller, the texture of my face has improved, I’ve received countless compliments on my skin. It is now hydrated and my lines have totally faded and my skin has a glow to it now. It was a prompt delivery, the item was as described by seller, I will continue buying this awesome product and recommend…

Edna B says:

Reduces pores! I’ve been using this for almost a week and can see some changes in reducing my pores. It’s also helped with moisturizing my dry skin, which is definitely needed this time of the year. ! I like the consistency of this serum and that it is not greasy at all. I look forward to seeing continued results especially with some of my wrinkles and lines on my forehead!


Great Product to buy I bought this for my Aunt on her birthday. Its been almost a month and this is what she replied when i asked her about the output of this She was like:I have been using lot of pricey product all my life . I have used for over two weeks and already seeing the results, my coworker noticed and asked what I have done to my skin, surprised with so many compliments. This product is really worth more .

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